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EDGE by ENVIG is a novel home-use device that utilizes fractional RF technology to stimulate collagen production, reduce signs of aging, even out skin tone and texture, and diminish fine lines and wrinkles without downtime.


Dermatology Specialist's
Expert Viewpoint

The EDGE by ENVIG is a stand-alone device, 
it is very safe, has no downtime, and no gel. You use it several times a week, and you get the immediate effect of luminosity and long-term impact of new collagen production, prevention of skin aging, and improvement of small wrinkles.

Dr. Ines Verner, Proffesor of Dermatology and Regenerative Medicine.

Before and After Results

Verified Users, Objective Measurements

Using the FDA-cleared beauty device Trifractional Professional H7X7 as a benchmark, a certified laboratory and five medical specialists carried out a series of comprehensive clinical tests.

Pre- and post-treatment images were quantitatively evaluated using the “Visia” Skin Analyzer, a professional objective tool. EDGE’s cutting-edge fractional RF technology improves all aging indicators, including skin texture, fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and uniform skin tone. Participants treated their skin for 5 minutes per session, thrice a week for six weeks.

Before and after 1

85% Reduction in forehead wrinkles after 6 weeks

Before and after 2

44% Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles after 6 weeks

Before and after 3

60% Reduction in forehead wrinkles after 6 weeks

Before and after 4

40% Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles after 11 weeks

Before and after 5

25% Texture improvement at 6 weeks

Before and after 6

33% of hyperpigmentation resolved in 11 weeks

Before and after 7

64% of forehead wrinkles reduction After 6 weeks of treatment

Before and after 8

23% of hyperpigmentation resolved in 11 weeks

Before and after 9

Crow’s Feet Reduction After 8 weeks


Said the "EDGE by ENVIG" was simple and easy to operate


Intended to keep using the device due to its perceived benefits and effectiveness


Of participants would recommend the treatment to their friends and family


Of participants were satisfied with the treatment efficacy

Real Users, Beyond Results

Real users, skincare influencers, estheticians, and dermatologists recommend EDGE by ENVIG.

One significant discovery was that my pores became cleaner, with fewer blackheads and sebum plugs. The skin is not as oily as before, and acne marks are less visible.


When I took a picture after 3 weeks, I was amazed to see that my make-up was smooth, and no fine lines could be seen. Acne marks have lightened.


I was home last week and couldn't go to the beauty salon. I could count on Edge to save my face. I've used it once every two days with a facial mask after the treatment and my skin's been great.


The overall texture of my skin has changed significantly, and when I put makeup on, it looks smoother and tighter. Pores are shrinking as well.


Edge Operation is super simple. No gel, no plug-in, no follow-up costs, and a clean design.


It is obvious that the skin is smoother and more delicate. Fine lines are less visible.

Qīng gē

Whenever I apply makeup the day after treatment, the color cosmetics stick so tightly that no fine lines show.


My skin used to be saggy, and I had deep forehead lines. After 4 weeks, I'm looking firmer, and the lines have lightened.


Lady with device


Clinical numbers

The Transformative Impact of the Treatment on Facial Skin (according to the Clinical test participants)


Firmer facial skin


Improved skin texture


More elastic skin


Smoother skin


of Skin looked younger


Skin glowing and
more even skin tone

Best Anti-Aging Treatment for Skin Texture Improvement

23% improvement in skin texture with EDGE by ENVIG* (After 56 days)

Clinical table

*“Landproof Labs”. Clinical test - Objective Measurments 2022, China

Beyond Limitations

Welcome to the EDGE by ENVIG FAQ

Discover the Technology behind EDGE by ENVIG

What powers the EDGE by ENVIG technology?

EDGE by ENVIG utilizes fractional RF technology with dual pulses for convenient home use. The first pulse targets the epidermis layer with fractional RF energy, while the second pulse delivers volumetric RF energy to the dermis, promoting collagen regeneration and healing.

Treatment Process

What should I expect during treatment?

While stamping with the EDGE by ENVIG heads, you will experience a gentle tingle and a warm sensation. As you treat various areas of your face, you can adjust the levels based on the sensitivity of each area.

What is the recommended treatment pace?

Follow the beep sound for treatment pace, ensuring optimal results.

Can I stamp the same area more than once?

One application per area is sufficient.

Can the treatment cause micro-scabs?

At higher fractional RF levels (2 and 3), the skin may develop micro-scabs during the positive rejuvenation.

Can I apply EDGE by ENVIG on my nose?

Yes, you can treat your nose with EDGE by ENVIG

Can I apply EDGE by ENVIG on my neck?

Yes. avoiding the thyroid gland area on the neck.


Can I use it on sensitive skin?

Please check the user manual for contraindications and warnings.
Consult a dermatologist for medical concerns before use.
EDGE by ENVIG offers adjustable treatment intensity levels to suit personal tolerance.

Can it be combined with other RF devices?

Combine EDGE by ENVIG treatment with other RF devices on alternating days for optimal results.

Usage Details

At what age can I use EDGE?

EDGE by ENVIG is suitable for individuals aged 19 to 70.

Is EDGE by ENVIG suitable for all skin types?

EDGE by ENVIG is designed for all skin types, delivering optimal rejuvenation results regardless of skin color.

Can I use EDGE by ENVIG daily?

Use EDGE by ENVIG 2-3 times weekly, avoiding consecutive days.

Addressing Skin Concerns

Can I use EDGE by ENVIG for brown spots and Melasma?

Consult a dermatologist for personalized advice before using EDGE by ENVIG for skin concerns.

Is EDGE by ENVIG effective for minimizing pores?

EDGE by ENVIG's fractional RF treatments effectively repair and rejuvenate skin. Users have reported a visible reduction in pore size, resulting in smoother, healthier skin.

Does EDGE by ENVIG help with acne pits and marks?

Users have reported moderate acne scars fading with consistent use of EDGE by ENVIG's fractional RF treatments for skin repair and rejuvenation.

Anticipating Results and Usage

How will my skin react?

EDGE by ENVIG employs fractional radio frequency technology and dual-energy pulses customized for your skin. Over 4-8 weeks, improvements can be seen in skin texture, elasticity, firmness, and tone.

When can I expect to see results?

Clinical tests indicate that skin texture, elasticity, firmness, and tone improvements can be observed within 4-8 weeks of using EDGE by ENVIG. (Landproof Labs, China, 2002)

Has EDGE by ENVIG been tested on Asian skin?

Recent clinical trials have shown positive effects, including luminosity, improved texture, increased elasticity, enhanced firmness, and reduced wrinkles on crow's feet within 28-56 days. (Landroof Testing Labs, China, 2022)

Comparing with Other Technologies

What sets EDGE by ENVIG apart from Iluminage or TriPollar?

EDGE by ENVIG's unique feature is its fractional RF delivery, utilizing innovative 'needless' micro-needling technology. After treatment, your skin might experience a slight redness and tingling sensation for about an hour as it continues to benefit. Customers describe the experience as pleasant, gentle, and almost meditative.

How does it compare to the pain of IPL treatment?

Fractional RF technology generates controlled heat that targets and removes old skin cells, revealing new, healthy skin tissue. EDGE by ENVIG's dual pulses technology offers resurfacing and smoothing effects in the epidermis layer and skin tightening and collagen renewal in the dermal layer.

Exploring Features

Is technology non-invasive?

Fractional RF technology is non-invasive, delivering energy to the dermis for anti-aging effects without mechanizing the skin.

Is EDGE by ENVIG wireless?

Yes, EDGE by ENVIG is wireless, rechargeable, and cordless. Charging takes 1-2 hours, providing approximately 30 minutes of continuous use.

Is gel required for treatment?

No gel is needed, and rinsing isn't necessary. Continue with your skincare routine after treatment for an efficient 4-minute facial session.

Maintenance and Care

How should EDGE by ENVIG be cleaned?

Clean the device with a 70% isopropyl alcohol pad after each use to disinfect and remove skin debris that might affect performance.

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